Benelux, Sweden and Denmark - Eurovignette 

The eurovignette is a compulsory tax that every heavy goods vehicle over 12 tons must pay to travel on all the relevant highways and public roads of Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark.


Tolls depend on the environmental euro class, the number of axles and the duration of the use. 

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 Heavy Goods Vehicles French Tax : Simplification of vehicles registration 

September, 14th 
The new order concerning the registration of the vehicles subject to the HGV French Tax has been published on the "offical journal" on September, 14th 2014.
 Its purpose is "to change the list of information and supporting documents required for the registration of the vehicle subject to the tax, the designation of registered indebted and the information required on the authorization issued by the indebted to the company supplying him an Electronic Tolling system and may specify the presentation of such information and documents. "
In facts, it simplifies the registration of the vehicles: 
  • For vehicle registration, the certificate of the loaded weight, if it’s not mentioned in the registration certificate, is no longer required. Nevertheless, it is necessary to make your vehicle less than 12T benefit from proper billing category. 
  • For the Euro Class Pollution, if it is not mentioned in the car registration document, it will be automatically determined from the date of the first release of the HGV. If your vehicle correspond to a more favorable Euro Class (modification of the engine by the manufacturer), it will be necessary to transmit the supporting documents. 
These provisions are already applied by Eurotoll. 
The Eurotoll customers can continue registering their vehicles under the new conditions, on their subscriber area, or be accompanied by their customer service representative. 
The recordings already made remain valid.
Link to the order of September 14th, 2014: (Only in French version)

The HGV French tax becomes the « HGV transit toll » 

june 24, 2014
Through the intervention of the French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, and the Minister of Ecology, Ségolène Royal, the French Government has just released the latest adjustments concerning the HGV french tax measures suspended at the end of 2013 by Jean-Marc Ayrault, the former French Prime Minister.
Even though all the conditions have not been published yet, this new measure called « HGV transit toll » will technically rely on the same system as the one chosen for the HGV tax: 
  • All French and foreign HGV over 3,5 tons are concerned, 
    • 3,800 km considered as major traffic roads > 2,500 HGV/day
    • 200 km currently or likely to carry a deviated traffic from the national network: Parisian ring road, Alsace … 
  • This measure will come into force on January 1st, 2015 after a technical validation period of 3 months that will start on October 1st 2014,
  • OBU (eurotoll Tribox Air) remain compulsory for the vehicles running on the taxed network, 
  • The registration process of the vehicles is easier,
  • The average tariff will reach 13c (€) depending on the euro class and the number of axles of the HGV, 
  • Agricultural vehicles and machines as well as milk collection and fairground vehicles are exempted 
  • The transport invoices flat-rate top-up is reduced (2% compared to 5.2%)
  • It remains a kilometre tax


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