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Eurovignette : Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Denmark and Sweden

Road & Flow

All you need to know on Eurovignette

All HGVs of more than 12 tonnes must pay a eurovognette in order to drive on all roads in Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark.

Since 2008, the paper format of the Eurovignette was replaced by a virtual vignette: therefore, it is not an obligation to display the payment evidence on the vehicle’s windshield. Thanks to the eurotoll card, transport companies can purchase the Eurovignette directly on AGES web portal or in points of sale available in concerned countries but also in Germany, Finland, France and United Kingdom.

The list of points of sale is available by clicking here.

Eurovignette tariffs are calculated according to :

  • Driving period : daily, weekly, monthly or yearly
  • Euro pollution class of the vehicle
  • Number of axles of the vehicle

Eurotoll CARD

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